Socialization: Meaning,Types and Examples , Overview

Socialization is a process of interaction which establishes a stable and balance relation between an individual and his society. this process teaches an individual to work and perform daily work and functions according to the rules of his society. These rules and norms are among, his first lessons of discipline. They are taught to follow rules, they are taught manners, they are taught about the good and bad habits and things; bad company is also a socialization which is exposure of an individual to a society which does not have, in  it, healthy habits, to avoid them is also a lesson which  is taught by  parents and learned by his child.

Socialization teaches an individual not only, to remain in discipline but also teaches him to oppose when he/she is exploited by their society. these lessons of behaving well cannot be taught by any notebook and neither can be learned by any teacher they can only be taught by a group of the teacher which is known as society.

An infant, unknown of his abilities, religion, god, basic manners, when coming to this world needs to be taught what is good for him and what is wrong; without this basic instinct, he won’t be able to survive in this world. Learning these instincts also is a result of socialization.

Socialization is of two types.

One of the socialization is one in which a person learns the rules by himself, by going out in the society or learns rules, restrictions, regulations, norms, folkways, and mores by getting exposed by his guardians. another kind of socialization includes a socialization in which a person is reached by society; thus society, by different ways, teaches him the way he/ she is expected to behave in the society.

Examples of the first kind of socialization, where an individual learns the rules is, by making friends and having an interaction, participating in different cultural activities of the society. peoples belonging to Hindu culture participates in the festivals; hence learns different things of their god/goddess. This is how they learn, what their culture want from them.

Example of the second kind of socialization is mass media. Individual watch television, use youtube, twitter, facebook, and many other social media, also radio and read newspaper in order to entertain himself, but television and this mass-media including static media, i.e. newspaper, interfere with his thoughts and generates such ideas which are not such, as are created by himself. These media interact with an individual with or without his consent and an individual consciously or unconsciously learns what these media has taught him.

For the sake of development and improvement, an individual has to come in contact with other social and modify his/her beliefs in accordance with other societies and cultures.

Socialization is thus playing a very important role which cannot be substituted from any other process.

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