List of Sociological thinkers and their theories and Biographies

These are world sociological thinkers and their theories with biographies ( we keep adding more social thinkers  )

  1. Irawati Karve Biography and Works
  2. Govind Sadashiv Ghurye Biography and Contributions
  3. R.K Merton Bio, theories, Contributions & Everything
  4. M.N.Srinivas Biography and Contribution to Indian Sociology
  5. Bronislaw Malinowski biography and Contributions
  6. Yogendra Singh Biography and his Contribution to Indian Sociology
  7. Max Weber Biography and Contributions to the sociology
  8. Talcott Parsons: Biography, Theories, and Contributions
  9. Louis Dumont Biography and Everything
  10. Akshay Ramanlal Desai: Biography and Everything
  11. George Herbert Mead – Biography and Theory in Sociology
  12. Herbert Spencer Biography, works, British philosopher, contribution
  13. Andre Beteille: Biography, Achievements, Works, Contribution
  14. Pierre Bourdieu – Biography, Cultural Capital, Habitus, and Criticism
  15. Erving Goffman – Biography and his Major Contributions
  16. Famous American and British Sociologists – Contributions
  17. Max Weber – Methodology, Social Actions, Ideal Types
  18. Claude Levi Strauss: Biography, Theory & Structuralism
  19. C. Wright Mills: Biography, Contributions, Conflict Theory
  20. Radcliffe Brown: Biography and Contributions
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