Interesting Facts and Difference Between Jainism and Buddhism

Read this article to know the difference between Jainism and Buddhism

difference and interesting facts about Jainism and Buddhism

Jainism is based on the teachings of Tirthankara like Mahavir and he was 24th thirthankara and Rishabhanatha was the first thirkthankara. Buddhism is based on teachings of Gautama Buddha, and he was the founder.

Weber said, “Jains are merely the oldest sects of Buddhism. ” Lassen expressed, “Jains had branched off from Buddhism.” and Mr. Berth wrote, “Jainism is a sect which took rise in Buddhism.”

• In Jainism, the soul of the human body can attain moksha that is to abstain from worldly desires only after the person dies but in Buddhism, there is a prevalence of nirvana in which the person can attain freedom from the painful cycle of rebirth in the six samsaras of the human life itself.

• Jains religiously consume only pure vegetarian food in contrast to the Buddhist who can consume meat as well.

• The monks in the Jainism are supposed to wear Digambar on their body as opposed to Buddhist monks who can only wear one piece of clothing in their entire life.

• In accordance with the Jain customs, the Jain abbot can compulsorily eat once in twenty-four hours of the day only and at the completion of the required customs. In fact, sometimes they abstain from food for five days also but in the Buddhist religion, the Buddhist friar is supposed to eat two times a day

• Jainism comes along with a lot of rules and strict traditions which restricts its spread in the countries outside India but the Buddhist religion with its little liberal customs has expanded its roots globally.

• Jainism strictly believes that to attain moksha in the life hereafter, a person should keep some fasts and perform some rigorous penances but Buddhist is completely opposite to it which believes that when a person turns himself/herself into an ascetic that is sufficient for attaining nirvana.

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