Dorothy Edith Smith: History & Feminist theory

Going through the pages of history explains and gives a brief story of how kings won over other. more stories explain kings as a conqueror, more than those in which tells queen as winners; the queen was not there in even the stories as winners. Then comes the trend changer: the queen who fought bravely and even died on a battlefield: Rani Laxmibai is among one of the greatest queens who fought bravely on a battlefield against the colonial rulers. Also, the American Revolution highlights the women as the substitute of men: when men were busy on the field while fighting against Britishers. They also took participate in the fight for freedom, changing the thoughts of misogynists.

dorothy edith smith

Above theory comprising the true facts, throws light on the struggle done by women, in order to achieve their reputation as a respected civilian in society. Yet by analyzing today’s census, a very clear picture of the failure of that struggle can be seen. Women as legends got to succeed in their goal on that day, the day which had separated their breath from them but they ultimately remained as the failure in removing the misogynist beliefs.

Dorothy Edith Smith: Biography

Dorothy Edith Smith was born on July 6, 1926. She was a great sociologist in Canada. She was interested in the research work and like to work as researchers with research interests in a variety of disciplines. Their subjects include women’s studies, psychology, and educational studies. She also remained working as the sociologist on some great subjects, such as feminist theory, family studies and also on methodologies. Dorothy Smith explained the sociological sub-disciplines of feminist standpoint theory and institutional ethnography.

She highlights the rude behavior of society towards a woman. She asked the society to realize her responsibilities, which are somehow invisible but are present and are as important as those of man. According to her, a woman has to continuously do the housework which is not credited similar to men.  She (woman) also work without salary at home and still is not paid with sufficient respect. They are ill-treated with disrespect in most of the uneducated society.

A society believe in not educating a girl as, the believed, that an educated girl can question on the dominance of male: according to a society; besides the low standard and no respect as paid to women, they are not even entitled to those rights which allows her to raise questions on the exploitation, which is experienced by her. Being a fundamental right, the right to education imposes a restriction on every family to educate their daughter but as the condition of society is clearly in front of us, thus it could be claimed that feminist is just a theory which had been  put forward in front of society, thereafter remained buried under the pages of books and had never affected the society, in such a way that may bring a change.

Still, there were such women which proved themselves as a hero of the society and had never bowed in front of the social-misogynist views.

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