Fascism and Socialism: Meaning and Differences Between Them

Fascism deals with the economic problems prevalent in the world whereas socialism is associated with the social issues in the society.

  • As fascism is closely related to the nation, therefore, it gives more prevalence to the national problems instead of the individual or the community whose issues are dealt with by socialism.
  • The main aim of fascism is to make sure that the nation prospers in everything as opposed to socialism whose make concern is to make sure that the social issues are settled and the community is healthy and happy and their rights are also under protection.
  • Even the people, who work under the government for the nation, have to put the hindrances of the country before their own personal problems whereas, in socialism, personal problems and the entire stigma in the society are handled with proper supervision.
  • In fascism, the central supremacy prevails whereas in socialism, economic and social theories are given importance and social ownership is their primary aim.
  • In fascism, the government is having a good control only in the production of goods but in socialism, the government has good management not only in the production of goods but also in the distribution of the same among the people.
  • In fascism, only economic well being is their primary concern but in socialism, equality in all matters concerned is their primary concern over achievement in other things.
  • The concept of fascism is considered as a new concept that emerged in the 20th century where the age-old concept of socialism is believed to have started from the 1820s and 1830s.
  • The concept of fascism emerged in Italy but the popular concept of socialism is said to have arisen in the ideas of Greek philosophers, Plato and Aristotle.
  • Fascism is supposed to stand tall due to its three strong roots which is “Everything in the state”, “Nothing outside the state “ and “Nothing against the state “ as against socialism which is mainly divided into various types of socialism like: Religious socialism, Libertarian socialism, Democratic socialism, Liberal socialism, Progressive socialism and Communism only when socialism is exasperated.
  • Fascism being a new and spreading topic, it is not well known and popular as socialism.
  • Fascism which can only prevail when there is dictatorial power is quite opposite to socialism which can be in the country above the social and economic system and also possibly be in the various parts or segments of the country like health, education and cooperative system.
  • Those who are under the influence of fascism include British National Party, the policies that are given be Trump, Neo-Fascists in Bolivia from 1937 to 1980 as opposed to some nations which define themselves as socialist nations comprise of Republic of India, Republic of Angola, Portuguese Republic, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria are some of them.
  • In the system of fascism there is only private ownership but in socialism, there is public ownership of the resources.
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