Citation Guide: APA, MLA and Chicago Styles and FAQs

In the world of copyright and anti-plagiarism laws, any writer’s or artist’s creative content today is better protected than ever before. However, this has also left many naive, well-meaning writers who derived inspiration from others’ work susceptible to plagiarism charges. Thus it becomes important to learn the proper way to give credit for references through … Read more

Women Empowerment Through Higher Education in Odisha: Challenges and Prospects

Abstract  Women Empowerment has always been a burning issue in India. There have been numerous academic works carried by different researcher on this topic. However, this research work lies with the fact that it attempts to bring out the connection between women empowerment and higher education in the context of one of the most under a … Read more

Why the era of “Don’t care” began

If you go through the study of classical history and Anthropology you would see that people used to live together very closely, eat together, and fight together during the war. More accurately primitive societies were collective in their every activity; for instances: hunting-gathering societies used to go for a hunt with the strong members of … Read more