How to Make a Sociology PowerPoint Presentation (PPT): Examples

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation as a student of Sociology In the theoretical world of sociology filled with texts, presentations bring a breath of fresh air in this discipline. Even though theories cannot be left behind, using PowerPoint presentations as a pedagogical tool introduces a new way to look at theoretical concepts. Through this … Read more

How to write Notes as a student of Sociology : Explained with Examples

Making notes becomes a daily part of your life when you are a student. Irrespective of which discipline you belong to, making notes is a skill that you need to adapt and apply. When you make notes it helps you not in one but multiple ways. In this article today we will discuss the advantages … Read more


The two terms equality and inequality, according to Andre Beteille hold a very significant position in the society of the modern world. People attach themselves to the idea of equality but in reality, are encounter with inequality, this is a great contradiction of the modern world.                                                               In political ideology, the two principles of socialism and … Read more

Work From Home: A Sociological Perspective Essay Paper ( Analysis )

Work From Home: Emile Durkheim defined “anomie” as a condition where society becomes unstable due to a breakdown in society. What happened in the world when Covid-19 struck can be the most recent example to understand what Durkheim meant by a state of anomie. The norm of daily lives changed altogether. In this article today, … Read more