The Churning of a Caste: A sociological review of Manthan

Manthan or “The Churning” is a 1976 Hindi film that provides a fictional narrative of the formation of Amul in India and the ushering of the White Revolution. The film was financed by over half a million farmers who donated Rs. 2 each and became India’s first crowdfunded film, this story of the might of … Read more

Beyond Workplace Surveillance & Intrusion: A contemporary culture perspective on Well-Being @ Work through Augusto Boal’s Theatre of The Oppressed

While sipping my morning cuppa, I chanced upon an intriguing article (Khaira, March 4, 2020) published in an online journal sometime back, which spoke of sanitation workers in Chandigarh who are compelled to wear GPS trackers as part of a ‘Human Efficiency Tracking System’. The wearable tracker registers the movement of the worker by geo-fencing their … Read more


Through this essay, I will be detailing scholarly understandings, critiques, and analyses of the New Social Movement theory. To begin with I’d like to lay out the differences between collective action from a Classical Marxist perspective, and New Social Movement theory. After which I detail features of New Social Movements. This will be followed by … Read more


Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott, is a science fiction film that is set in a dystopian future world (Los Angeles) that is overridden with Urban Density artificiality and has seen human colonisation beyond the planet Earth. It’s loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Genetic and Bioengineering is … Read more

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: Explained with Examples

This article explores how the self develops and portrays itself in everyday situations. Introduction The way one presents themselves in society is of utmost importance. It paves the way for how people perceive them and, consequently, how they perceive themselves. One must have a constant good self-image which will allow others to be fond of … Read more

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in Social Movements – Women Empowerment

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in social movements aimed at improving the position of Women in Bengal The position of women in society as a topic of discussion can more often than not, be summarised into one single word – abysmal. The overwhelming presence that patriarchal societies possess, across the globe is arguably the first … Read more