Reflexive Sociology (Gouldner): The Coming Crisis of Western Sociology

TOWARDS A REFLEXIVE SOCIOLOGY- Sociological theory and personal reality in the coming crisis of western sociology There is a difference between the work of Gouldner as a sociologist, there is a convergence of his earlier work and the work which he has done later, for example, his thesis on modern sociology which was on functionalism … Read more


Religion can be explained as a relationship between human beings and a power ( supernatural). This relationship includes beliefs, practices, and customs, and usually involves devotional and ritual observances. It comprises sacred texts which refer to the moral order of human conduct and several verses, essays, and sayings which help as a guidance towards the … Read more

How to Write Coursework: Step by Step with Examples

Coursework Writing Guide The realm of academia is filled with synonymous words that are not really synonymous in technicality. Terminologies and distinct meanings attached to them form the world of academics. Assessments situations for university students, such as an assignment, term paper, response paper, reflective essay, coursework, dissertation, and exam, are those few words that … Read more

How to Make a Sociology PowerPoint Presentation (PPT): Examples

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation as a student of Sociology In the theoretical world of sociology filled with texts, presentations bring a breath of fresh air in this discipline. Even though theories cannot be left behind, using PowerPoint presentations as a pedagogical tool introduces a new way to look at theoretical concepts. Through this … Read more

How to write Notes as a student of Sociology : Explained with Examples

Making notes becomes a daily part of your life when you are a student. Irrespective of which discipline you belong to, making notes is a skill that you need to adapt and apply. When you make notes it helps you not in one but multiple ways. In this article today we will discuss the advantages … Read more