Modernization of Indian Traditions by Yogendra Singh: Summary

ABSTRACT: The phrase ‘modernization in India’ has generated years’ worth of contentions and debates within academic circles. Perhaps it was with this view that renowned sociologist, Yogendra Singh (1973) wrote the book titled ‘Modernization of Indian Traditions (A Systematic Study of Social Change)’ As promised in its preface, the book offers valuable insights about not … Read more

Malgudi School Days: Book Review, Summary and Analysis

Malgudi School Days: This was a splendid read and took me about eight hours to finish. This is a classic, you don’t have to be a child to relate to it. Through my book review, I will be talking about the author, my favourite character and a critical analysis of a few parts. I will … Read more

10 Best Anthropology Books for Beginners

Read this article to know about 10 best Anthropology books for beginners! American Anthropological Association, AAA, calls anthropology ‘the study of what makes us human’. It is the discipline which explores the rise and fall of human civilizations. It tries to understand the cultural development and biological evolvement of homo sapiens from a variety of … Read more