10 Ways to avoid Plagiarism in a Research paper

Plagiarism means stealing or use someone else production of words or ideas as one’s own without giving the original author the credit to produce it, which leads to committing literary theft. Plagiarism can happen both the ways either deliberately or accidentally if someone steals the thought or words of another deliberately it means a violation … Read more

Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development

Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychologist, is considered to be a heavyweight in the world of Psychology. He has propounded various theories, which even though criticized by many, paving the way for path-breaking revolutions in the analysis of mind and behavior. One of the most controversial, yet popular theories, propounded by Freud is his theory of … Read more

What is Asperger Syndrome & Meaning

Asperger Syndrome The modern era has witnessed a dramatic shift in the outlook of people towards the differently-abled. People are making themselves aware and sensitizing themselves to the needs of these special individuals. As their problems get recognition, we are slowly coming face-to-face with the various mental issues plaguing the individuals in our society. It … Read more