Welfare Goods: Definition, Meaning and Examples

welfare goods definitionWelfare goods are the things/ utilities that people have the access to based on their needs or social position that they are in. These goods are given to them through the welfare rights that they are open to. In a welfare state, the basic needs of people are taken care by the government and other voluntary organizations. The needs and things provided for fulfilling the basic necessities and well-being of an individual and their family is known as Welfare Goods.


These goods are provided on a regular basis for the people who cannot afford even the basic needs until they can afford those needs. This includes funds for their basic food, shelter, clothing, medical and few recreational expenses. It emphasizes the fact that every individual is entitled to have all basic needs and should not be denied the necessities because of their social positions/ situations.

There might be many who are not able to support themselves like old people, children, orphans or people suffering from any disease or who have been through natural disasters and have lost everything.

So their needs of medical care, food, housing and other basics are provided for very low or for free. At times, the basic furniture and few appliances are also provided depending upon their situation and conditions.

Although these goods are for the benefit of the people, most of them misuse these and are satisfied and so do not work towards their development. Sometimes, even when they have reached a good position, they show fake records to claim these goods and enjoy, which they do not realize that it might hinder few people of their right to these goods.

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