The Watermelon Story by Rajahanuman

Imagine you’re at the market, and you see two watermelons: one with a normal color and another with a reddish inside, sweeter.

Which one do you pick? Second one, right?

Even the seller knows what you’re looking for. That’s why he chose a way to make you happy by adulterating the watermelon.Why did he choose this? I know not every seller will choose the same method because everyone has their own methods, knowing you’re looking for a red and sweet watermelon.

Here, I’m not talking about watermelons; I’m talking with you. Why aren’t you reddish and sweeter? What are you going to do now? Who will make you sweeter?

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Rajahanuman is a member of the Sociology Group Editorial Team. He discusses general events happening around him and is curious to understand how people behave in society. If you're looking for relatable and thought-provoking memes, check out his memes on the sociology_official Instagram.