The Use of Surveys and Questionnaires in Sociological Research

Credit Surveys and questionnaires serve as critical tools for sociologists seeking to illuminate key insights into the beliefs, behaviors, and social patterns of various populations. When developed with careful methodology and planning, surveys provide an invaluable means of testing theories, tracking changes, and informing social policies across a breadth of modern issues. In this piece, … Read more

Marx and Durkheim: Exploring Their Conceptions of ‘Human’ and Analyzing Contemporary Capitalist Social Formation

Karl Marx (1818-83), German philosopher and Émile Durkheim (1858-1917), French sociologist are among the classical thinkers of sociology. Both of them, being the product of their own times, were influenced by the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution. While Marx is called the father of the conflict school of thought, Durkheim’s work forms the basis for … Read more