An Interview with Umar Siddiqui – Weightless, Woven Words

Recently, we interviewed author Umar Siddiqui about his recent book Weightless, Woven Words, Umar Siddiqui resides in Riverside, CA, where he was born and raised. His passions are reading, writing, reading, cooking, dabbling in working out and fitness, Disney, and fashion. He enjoys the TV show, “Friends”, and alternative music. He loves going to Disney … Read more

Interesting and Basic Facts about Indian Civil Services


Implementing The policies laid down by the elected executives is the ultimate Job of the Indian Civil services. Presently we Indian Administrative Service(IAS), had another name before Indian Independence, that is, The Indian civil services. A District Collector has Administrative and magisterial powers, that’s the reason, he is also The Executive magistrate of the district.u … Read more

Top Five Common Interview Questions in 2017

It is an established fact that certain questions almost necessarily crop up very often in an interview here are some interview questions, different from job to job and accordingly the answers also differ as per specific job requirements, some typical questions and their possible answers are as follows these are the few interview questions How … Read more