The Impact of Video Sharing Applications like Tiktok, Reels on Society

Synopsis: TikTok emerged out of two apps- and Douyin. Post its introduction to the US and Global market it has impacted every corner of society from politics to mental health to the music industry. Some of these are positive while some are very harmful. The success of TikTok meant the introduction of similar applications … Read more

10 Movies with Sociological issues: Analyze Movies Sociologically

Movies have played a vital role in our lives ever since they were introduced as a form of artistic expression. They play a huge part in entertainment, representation, raising of awareness, and exploring aspects of society that were previously unventured. Sociological analysis of movies helps to discover and examine various aspects of movies that cater … Read more


Synopsis: This article tries to provide a sociological analysis and understanding of five movies which deal with themes essential in sociology. Movies are a great way of representing our society–its functioning, institutions, and social changes. Sociology even has a particular sub-discipline focusing on film analysis. While some movies concentrate only on providing entertainment, others use … Read more

How To Apply Sociology In Everyday Life: Explained Real Examples

Sociology is the study of society through many theoretical perspectives. The most important lesson of sociology is that society is not an external object to be studied. Instead, all of us are active members of society and constantly influence it. Thus, sociology can be applied in everyday life by all members of society. This article … Read more

What is Applied Sociology? Definition, Origin and Overview

Defining Applied Sociology:  “The means and methods for artificial improvement of social conditions, on the part of man and society as conscious and intelligent agents.” -the term ‘applied sociology’ has been the most general and oldest way of identifying this definition given by Lester F. Ward in 1903. It utilizes “sociological knowledge and research skills” … Read more