How ‘social’ are social facts? – An interpretation of Emile Durkheim’s “Rules of Sociological Method”

Introduction: In the study of Rules of Sociological Method, Emile Durkheim aims to provide a concrete definition of ‘social facts’ and the components they entail. This is done by deconstructing the definition and providing an expansive explanation of its components. Therefore, Durkheim follows a pattern wherein first, he provides a definition of the components and … Read more

An Introduction to the Discipline of Sociology

Introduction: The term ‘sociology’ was coined by a French social scientist, August Comte in 1838. The term is derived from a combination of two Latin words- ‘socius’ meaning ‘society, association, togetherness or companionship,’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study of, or to speak about.’ In simpler words, sociology can be defined as the scientific study of society. … Read more

10 Famous Environmentalists From India You Should Know

An environmentalist can be defined as an individual who “advocates or works to protect air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from pollution or its effects.” (Dictionary, 2020)  The term ‘environmentalism’ can be defined as an ethical and political movement aims at improving and protecting natural environment quality by, first, changing environmentally harmful activities, … Read more