Interest Groups: Definition, Types, Functions, Importance

Interest Groups are those aggregates that represent the individuals belonging to a particular cohort or a group of organisations. According to Professor Scot Schraufnagel, interest groups exist to perform a variety of functions including representing members’ interest and issue positions, participating in policy debates, educating the public about issues, influencing policymakers and monitoring relevant government … Read more

Sudhir Kakar: Biography and Contributions to Psychology

Biography: Sudhir Kakar is an Indian psychoanalyst, novelist and scholar who specializes in the fields of cultural psychology, psychoanalysis and religion. Kakar belongs to the psychoanalytic school of thought, based on the work of Sigmund Freud, which posits that all manifestations of behaviour are determined by latent (hidden) causations, placing heavy emphasis on the unconscious. … Read more

Historiography: All you need to know in 2800 Words

Meaning: Historiography as an intellectual and academic discipline has been hard to define. Shrouded by abstract theoretical, philosophical and methodological jargon, professional historians themselves have not been able to achieve common consensus on the specific definition of the term, describing it to mean the writing of history, the study of historical methodology, the analysis of … Read more