What does Gentrification mean in sociology

The term gentrification can be used to denote the various changes in the urban neighborhoods which includes economic changes due to the arrival of wealthier people such that rents and property values increase resulting in the displacement of the poor people. This process although leads to various positive changes like reduced crime rates, improvements in … Read more

What is Genealogy ? Write a Short note ( Sociology of Kinship )

Genealogy refers to the record of the history of the family or the tracing of the family’s lineages. It can also be called the study of descent for an individual, or a family constituting the family tree. Oral interviews from informants, historical records, analyzing the genetics, and some other methods are used in order to … Read more

Explanation: what does ‘intersectionality’ mean?

Intersectionality: There are various forms of social stratification in the society, such as race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. they lead to the creation of inequality in the society by the differential treatment of individuals. We are often used to studying these forms of stratification separately to understand how people are treated in different ways. We … Read more

What is heterosexism? Write a Short Note and Examples

Heterosexism is the belief that heterosexuality is the normal social sexual orientation against homosexuality which then leads to discrimination and prejudice against the homosexuals. Homosexuality can be understood as the quality of being attracted solely to people who are of one’s own sex while heterosexuality is the quality of being attracted solely to people of … Read more

What is institutionalization in sociology?

The process by which beliefs, norms, social roles, values, or certain modes of behaviour are embedded in an organisation, a social system, or a society as a whole is called institutionalization. These concepts are said to be institutionalized when they are sanctioned and internalised within a group or a society. Through institutionalization, rules and procedures … Read more