4 Major Theories Of Migration: Explained with Examples

Migration The process of migration has been accompanied by the advancement of Industry and Urbanisation. It is not a new phenomenon, people migrate to different places for any reason. It began after the human settlement. The primitive hunting and gathering people migrate to new places in search of food and water. But the modern migration … Read more

10 Famous Sociological Associations Around the World

Introduction Many Sociological associations around the world are dedicated to broadening the scope and subject matter of sociology. Their work to improve Sociology as a scientific and systematic study of human society. The following are some important sociological associations around the world.  List of Sociological Associations International Sociological Association Origin and activities The historical backdrop … Read more

What are Social Movements in the United States?

Social movements are not just a movement that only has some goals, but it is also an effective way to transform the existing society into a more efficient society. In which through these movements the people mould society into what they desire. The people in a society are the individuals who live there, so it … Read more

How to write a sociological analysis: Examples

Sociological Analysis Introduction: Sociology is a systematic and scientific study of society. It focuses on different parts of society, and how it contributes to the entire equilibrium of society. Sociologists look into society from a different perspective and they analyze society in different ways. Some took a conflict perspective to view society, some took functionalists … Read more