Top 10 Colleges to Study Economics in India

Tyler Cowen said, “Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life”. The subject of economics majorly deals with the concept of allocating scarce resources for the growth of society as a whole. It is a subject that uses various other subjects to study phenomena due to its philosophical roots. Majorly, Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy are subjects with which economics interacts with.

top ten colleges in india for economics

A note for students who want to pursue economics: A lot of time, people choose economics because of their ‘false’ interaction with economics in their high school, where economics is essentially not that abstract and mathematical or philosophical. It is not only about numbers and systems of living. It is beyond that. Also, higher-level mathematics is compulsory for applying to most colleges.

So, now that we are done with the introduction. Let us look at the best institutions for studying Economics Hons in India. The article covers the institutions offering courses to undergraduate students. The cut off is in relation to CBSE and State Board students. The fee mentioned here is only the basic fee for the type of programme such as B.A., additional costs vary from institution to institution.

Top 10 Colleges to Study Economics in India

  1. St Stephen’s College, Delhi: Probably the best college in India to study economics. Students are equipped both in terms of academics as well as the corporate sector. The culture of the institution is an intellectual one. The faculty of the economics department have worked at various levels with the government and international organizations. It comes under the banner of DU. In the placement category, the college might be the best among all other DU colleges. Every year, financial firms, consulting houses arrive to hire students and offering them lofty packages. Fees; Rs 104, 610 (Revised total fee), Cut-off: 98% above.


  1. Sri Ram College of Commerce: The college comes under the aegis of DU. It was established in 1920 by a philanthropist named Sir Shri Ram. The college boasts an excellent infrastructure along with a quality faculty for the economics department. Some of the faculty in the college has been teaching for more than 30 years. The college only offers two courses for undergrad( one being economics, the other being The placement of the college is second to none but at the same time, students of the university are known for their academic rigor and studying in best universities around the world for their higher studies. Fees: Rs. 87,719. Cut-off: 98% above.


  1. Lady Sri Ram College For Woman: This famous is a college exclusively for women located in South Delhi. It is ranked among the best college in India for over 50 years now and boasts top faculty from around the world. It has state of the art facilities in terms of its library and classroom. Fees: Rs. 15,370, Cut-offs: 96%-99%.


  1. Loyola College, Chennai: It is considered as one of the top colleges in India from 1925, the year of its establishment. Many famous economists, mathematicians, journalists and movie start are alumni of the college. The college perennially comes within the top 5 universities in India for studying economics. The placement record of the college is 100%. The church and library in the college is a must-see. Cut-offs: 95% above


  1. Xavier’s College, Mumbai: Again one of the best-known colleges for studying arts and humanities in India. The faculty in the economics department of St. Xavier’s Mumbai is highly prestigious. The economics course in the college is demanding and diverse. The placements in the college are great too. Many start-ups and corporate houses from all over the country offer campus placement to students here. Fees: Rs.15,075. Cut-off: 96% above.


  1. Christ University, Bangalore: Christ University is a private deemed to be university and has been at the forefront in both management and humanities. The university has faculty from around the globe and has collaborated with various global universities. The economics department of the university is diverse as they offer economics with different combinations. The Economics Hons course in the Bannerghatta Campus. The college has a history of good placements and constantly comes under the top 5 universities for studying economics. Fees: Rs. 40,500. Cut-offs: Separate Entrance exam and Personal Interview.


  1. Miranda House College, New Delhi: The college is located in the North Delhi Campus. It is an all-women’s college and is ranked as the best college by the UGC. The university is accredited by NAAC and given an ‘A’ grade. The college has a satisfactory infrastructure and is a hotspot of other co-curricular activities. The college lacks a placement cell but despite this, the placements of the college are good. Fees: Rs.12,160. Cut-off: 96% above.


  1. Presidency College, Chennai: The university is one of the old oldest ones in India and is a public university. The economics department is an astute one, it majorly focuses on research and students joining the university are more inclined towards it. The university has started to gain back its prominence. The placements of the university are not that great but the research options provided for higher education is great. Also, the location of the university is beautiful. It is just opposite the Marina beach. Fees: Rs. 1,275 Cut-off: 90% above.


  1. Hindu College, Delhi: Another DU college in the list. The Hindu college has been long known for its cultural merging. The same can be said for its economics department which has produced great research material for the economics community worldwide. Many famous personalities have emerged from this college. The college has a hostel for boys and hosts various events; both academic and non-academic. Fees: Rs. 14,790. Cut-off: 95% above


  1. Ramjas College: The college is affiliated to Delhi University. The unique thing about this college is the fact that two former students of the college have joined Oxford University in the united kingdom as professors and written significant papers on the Indian economy. Following suit, the college has built a tradition for research and providing the students with the opportunity to enhance their abilities. Fees: Rs. 13, 495. Cut-off: 94% above    
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