Taiga-Lands – Vegetation, Animals, Agriculture, Minerals and climate


The taiga lands stretch from the pacific ocean through Alaska and Canada up to the Atlantic ocean.New foundland is also in the region.

In the Eurasian region the Taiga lands extend from the Scandinavian highlands across Sweden,Finland and Russia.A large part of Siberia ia also in those lands.

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The forests are of coniferous evergreen type.Trees like Spruce,Fur,Pine,Willows,Alder,Aspen and Birch grow in these forests.


A) Caribou or Reindeer,Moose,Elk,Beaver,Fisher,Martin,Fox,Otter,weasel,Polar Bear,Wolf,Lynx,Squirrel and Hare are the animals of this region.

B) Grouse,Woodpecker and Grossbeak are the birds.

C)Fish is abundant in the streams and other water bodies

D) Different types of insects are seen in plenty in summer.


Vegetables like potatoes,turnips,radishes,peas,cabbage,grains like rye and oats and a variety of fruits are grown.


Copper,Cobalt,aluminium.iron,gold and silver are the minerals obtained in the Taiga region.

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