Short Note on Bio Technology – Its Applications and Theories


The use of living organisms&living process in engineering,technology, medicine & other fields come under applicative part of biology.




3.genetically modified crop based agriculture

5.waste treatment

6.Energy production

Research of biotechnology-Down stream process technologies to purify the protein/organic compound.

Similar terms to modern uses –genetic engineering &cell &tissue culture technologies to biotechnology’

Biotechnology has applications in four major industrial areas,health care(medical),crop production &Agriculture,non-food (industrial)& other crops(ex;biodegradable plastic,vegetable oil,bio fuels)&environmental issues.

Application in Agriculture

1.Agro chemical based agriculture agriculture

3.genetically engineered crop-based agriculture

Ex;biotechnology application is directly used for manufacture of organic products beer & milk products by organisms.

2.naturally present in bacteria by the mining industry in bioleaching

Biotechnological application in Animal husbandry can lead to new animals with more milk&meat& more genetic technology produce wool.healthy animals&birds with more eggs &healthy meat can be derived.

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