List of Scientific Instruments from Quadrant to Wavemeter

List from quadrant to wavemeter

  1. Quadrant uses to measure altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy
  2. Radar uses to detect the direction and range of an approaching airplane by  means of radio waves like range, angle, direction, and radio
  3. Radiomicrometer uses to measure heat radiation
  4. Refractometer uses to measure refractive indices
  5. Salinometer uses to determine salinity of solutions
  6. Sextant uses by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star, also used to measure the height of very distant objects
  7. Spectroscope uses to observe or record spectra
  8. Spectrometer its a spectroscope equipped with calibrated scale to measure the position of spectral ines (Measurement of  refractive indices)
  9. Spherometer uses to measure curvature of spherical objects
  10. Sphygmometer uses to measure blood pleasure
  11. Stereoscope users to view two-dimensional pictures
  12. Stethoscope uses by doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds
  13. Stroboscope users to view rapidly moving objects
  14. Tachometer uses to determine speed, especially the rotation speed of a shaft.
  15. Tacheometer, it’s a theodolite adapted to measure distances,elevations, and bearings during the survey.
  16. Tangent Galvanometer uses to measure the strength of direct current
  17. Teleprinter uses to receives and sends typed messages from one place to another
  18. Telemeter uses  to records physical happenings at a distant place
  19. Telescope users to view distant objects in space
  20. Thermometer uses to measure temperature.
  21. Thermostat uses to regulate temperature at a particular point
  22. Tonometer uses to measure the pitch of a sound
  23. Transponder users to receive a signal and transmit  a reply immediately
  24. Udometer uses for range gauge
  25. Ultrasonoscope uses to measure and use ultrasonic sound and use to make Ecogram to detect brain tumors ,heart defects and abnormal growth
  26. Venturimeter uses to measure the rate of flow of liquids
  27. Vernier uses to measure small sub-division of scale
  28. Viscometer uses to measure the viscosity of liquid
  29. Voltameter uses to measure electric potential difference between two points
  30. Wattmeter uses to measure the power of an electric circuit
  31. Wavemeter uses to measure the wavelength of a radio wave.

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