Interview with Stephen Goldhahn, Author of Beneath the Maize

Short Bio: Stephen Goldhahn is a retired process engineer with an MS degree in Chemical Engineering. Throughout his career, he specialized in consulting for biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Recently retired, he is now able to focus on his passions as a writer/novelist and history buff. His other interests include music, singer-songwriting, and traveling. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Stephen resides in … Read more

Peter L. Berger: Short Bio and Important Contributions in Sociology

Peter L. Berger (1929-2017) was an Austrian-born American sociologist and a theologian. He was affiliated to different renowned universities of the world. He also founded the Institute of Culture, Religion and World Affairs, at the Boston University in 1985 (Berger, 2017). He has written extensively on sociology of knowledge, sociology of religion and modernity like … Read more

Interview with Associate Professor, Anil D’Souza – School of Business and Management, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

How has your experience been working in academia, and what challenges have you faced in your career? A career in academia can be fulfilling when one is truthfully interested in developing students for occupational readiness. I find teaching and learning a spiritually healing experience if approached from this perspective. My journey into Academia after 2 … Read more

Cliff House by Nora Weirich – Book Review

The story of Madison Danaher in the ‘Cliff House’ is a testament to a person’s ability to rebuild life after the harshest battles. From being a victim of violence to being the head of a national company, Madison’s journey is valiant, emotional and inspirational. She has built a successful career, but the past has left … Read more