Nature Culture Dichotomy: The culture of exploitation

Nature/Culture dualism is a well-known theoretical framework that anthropologists have exercised in their study of age-old questions such as, “What is a human”, “What is Nature”, and “What are the responsibilities of humans in the world”? Nature is all that is natural, or without human influence, and culture is all that humans have influenced in … Read more

The Criminalization of The Mentally Ill

Those with mental illness are hard-pressed to find rest in America which is not a jail cell. Mental health facilities in America are sorely lacking, much less optimized for those struggling with mental illnesses. The budget for hospitals and community houses is exceptionally low, far below the budget spent on mass incarceration that America has … Read more

An Interview with James W. Marquart, Author of Unthinkable: Who Kills Their Grandmother

Short Bio: James Marquart resides in Frisco, Texas with his treasured wife, Kimberly. They enjoy traveling, spending time with beautiful grandchildren, while relishing each other’s company, along with their sassy pup Abbey. James graduated with a BA in Law Enforcement from Western Illinois University, an MA in Sociology from Kansas State University, and Ph.D. In … Read more

Book Review- ‘Requiem for the Rooster’ by Mark Howen

What does it take to speak truth to power in a corrupt society? What role does our family play in shaping us as citizens? How important is it to self-introspect and examine our life choices for the collective good? Mark Howen’s Requiem for the Rooster is a suspenseful thriller that dwells deeply into these serious … Read more