List of Buddhist Terminology -GK special

Arhat : who have achieved Nirvana Bodhisattva : A being about to become buddha shows charity and helper of man Sramanas /Bhikshu: Buddhist Monks  Upasakas: Lay Followers Mahaparinirvana: Final Blowing out,Death Arya-Atthangikamagga: Noble eight -fold path Ashtamahasthanas: Eight holy places Tathagata: One of the titles of Budhha Chaitya: Temples of Buddhists Upasotha/Roya: Days of fast on full moon,new moon and two quarters … Read more

Public sector undertakings”PSUs” in India and their selection process

interview upsc results 2016

There are approximately 240 public sector undertakings[PSUs] under the union government ,These PSUs recruits through different  stages of exams like an interview, written, Group Discussions. There are very popular PSUs in India like Life insurance corporation [LIC] Unit Trust of India National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development [NABARD Small Industries Development Bank of India [SIDBI] … Read more