IAS topper Gopala Krishna Prelims, Mains and Interview Marks

  Gopala Krishna IAS Topper shared his success story  Gopala Krishna IAS Topper Scored 936/1750 marks in written test which was highest among the toppers and in interview he marked with 165/275, and interview will be for 30-40 minutes Essay = 154/250 marks General Studies – 1= 123/250 marks General Studies- 2 = 100/250 marks … Read more

IAS-UPSC Topper Nandini Prelims,Mains and Interview Marks

Nandhini ias upsc topper marks

  Nandhini UPSC topper scored 141.34 Marks in paper and in paper-2 she qualified with 88.33 marks, in paper-2 Nandhini K.R. Got 927 marks in written test and in interview she marked with 193, and interview will be for 30-40 minutes Essay =142/250 marks General Studies – 1= 131/250 marks General Studies- 2 = 103/250 … Read more

Industrial Development During the Five year Plans In india

The Real Growth and Industrial Development in India started during the period of five-year plans. First Five Year Plan(1951-56): The main objective of the first-year plan was on agricultural development. Therefore the Importance was given to existing Industries rather than the establishment of new industries like cotton, woolen, and jute textiles, cement, paper, medicines, paints, sugar, etc. … Read more

Poverty Alleviation Programmes Undertaken By Indian Govt

List of Poverty Alleviation Programmes and their Objectives In 1952, Community Development Programme(CDP) was Started with the Objective of Complete Development of Rural Areas with people’s Participation. During 1972-73, The Employment Guarantee Scheme was Started to help weaker sections of the rural society. During 1972-73,Accelerated Rural water Supply Programme(ARWSP) was Started for Providing Drinking Water in Villages. In … Read more

Earthquake types and types of Waves, its characteristics, incidences

 Different Types of Earthquake On the Basis of the depth of their Foci, there are three earthquake types, they are Deep-focus earthquakes, Intermediate focus earthquakes, and Shallow-focus earthquakes. Deep-focus earthquakes: This type of earthquakes occur at depths exceeding 300kms. Intermediate focus earthquakes: They occur with the depths of the focus ranging between 55Kms and 300Kms. Shallow-Focus earthquakes: It … Read more

list of “first woman” in all fields in India

List of “First Woman” in india Smt.Pratibha Patil, India’s First woman president. Smt.Indira Gandhi, India’s First Woman Prime Minister and First Bharat Ratna Winner. Sarojini Naidu, India’s First Women Governor and also first woman president of INC(Indian National Congress) Razia Sultan, India’s First Woman ruler on Delhi throne. Kiran Bedi, India’s First Woman IPS officer in … Read more