Mineral Wealth Industries and Agriculture of the Mediterranean region


1)Bauxite is mined in France.

2)Italy is the world leader in the production of mercury.

3)Iron ore is mined in Algeria and coal,molybdenum,lead and zinc are mined in Turkey.

4)Copper is mined in Spain.

5)The statuary marbles of Carrara in Italy are world famous.

6)Petroleum from California (Signal-Hill,California) is the greatest concentrated oilfield in the world.

7)Copper and Nitrates are exported from Chile.

8)Broken –Hill in Australia has one of the greatest lead-Zinc mines in the world.


1)Pressing olives for oil,manufacture of wine and processing and canning of fruits are the commemo industries.

2)In Grasse of France,large quantities of flowers are processed for essential oils,used in the perfumery industry.

3)’Sardine canneries’(fish packing in tins) are important in the Mediterranean basin’’.Monterey’ in California is called as the’ Sardine Capital of the world’.

4)Motion picture industry is concentrated in Hollywood.


  • ‘Olive-Citrus-Vine ‘ trio is the characteristic of the Mediterranean agriculture.
  • Wheat,barley,beans,nuts,vegetables & a variety of fruits are the important crops.
  • Most modern methods of agriculture are adopted.
  • Commercial agriculture and dairying are practiced in the newly settled lands.
  • Wheat and grapes are also grown and large quantities of wine are exported.
  • Capetown district is one of the chief fruit growing areas in Africa.
  • California is famous for the quality of oranges exported from this region.
  • Inn the Australiam regions,wheat and sheep are the important enterprises.

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