Synopsis – This article is about the prioritizing your choices towards the career you want to proceed. It’s solely your authority to decide the journey because you are the only one who will be held responsible and will acquire its fruits or suffer the discomfort.




A person encounters three phases in his life. The first is that a person functions as per the rules and regulations in his mind that are framed by the society. The second phase comes when you realize that it’s only the parents who genuinely care about you and your decisions that affect your life. The last phase is that in which you carry forward your life corresponding to your style, wishes, and opinions.

But, regrettably, for most of the people, the second phase blows in when everything escapes from their hands. The best solution is that you should try to eradicate the first phase and should commence your life from the second phase itself because the first one is no priority. If you say that you should initiate with this phase for the sake of experience then practically you should be exposed to only those situations and circumstances which opens your vision towards an authentic life and not your stay at unworthy stations that in the end misemploys your time.


To make your dreams alive unlike others you need to take the charge of making your own choices in the gloss of your own acuteness. People will talk. People will talk awe-inspiring things. They criticize you because they had never walked in your shoes so they will never understand under what conditions you have initiated a particular step.

If you remember the movie named 3 idiots, there was a dialogue Farhan Qureshi who said to his father, “As per your will, I will become an engineer but an awful one. If I pursue my love as my career which is photography, it will make me blissful and positive with the viewpoint that I had pursued my choice, my passion. Maybe, I will have a small car in future and will comparatively earn less than our neighbor’s son who will be an engineer but what I would be having he might have scarcity about it and that is pleasure and peace of mind.”

Through this, we realize that your one move towards your dreams and aspirations will leave you quenched with the choice you made. Society will draw its attention when you would have opted the career that they had decided as per their pre-decided norms and make you feel contented.

Don’t take these ‘log’ as serial killers. They are just a crowd that keep on poking in other’s people life for merriment objective. Your job is not to listen everyone. Your job is to face the consequences of your actions and design your own life.

Every individual has his own individuality and carries his own unique traits so instead of pouring them into drains, you should use them at utmost and make your brand value in your field. People will inevitably rate you highly when they see you excel in your field. The tough time arises only when it’s the start of your work process. The moment you start achieving remarkable heights them there itself this ‘ log change their colors as chameleons and start respecting your work. So, never be afraid to take the first step because the journey towards your success is solely your responsibility.

  • written by Nandini
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