Some Interesting and Trending Facts on Mobile Apps

  • S60 stand for in S60 Symbian series is series 60.
  • Symbian Anna is the other Popular name is Symbian Version 3.
  • Twitter owns the mobile app Vine.
  • BlackBerry World in the sense, an online application store of BlackBerry.
  • S voice is the name of the intelligent personal assigtant of the samsung smartphone mobiles.
  • Fruit Ninja is a popular mobile game was released by Halfbrick Studios in April 2010.
  • Samsung Kies ,is the software , which is loaded on your Samsung phone, it helps or used for data transfer.
  • Bada is an operating system for computers and Smart Mobiles, Tablets etc.
  • Viber is an Instant messaging application which was acquired by Rakuten in Feb 14, for $900 Millions
  • Android 4.4 also known as Android KitKat.
  • Apple IOS Mobile Platform is referred as Jailbreak.
  • Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger both were developed the Instagram Mobile Application.
  • In Google Play Store,we can Download all types of Applications ,which we need for Android Mobile,likewise on Nokia Phone ,Therre is Nokia Ovi Store,which has all apps for Nokia Mobile Functioning, Ovi means Door in Nokia Ovi Store.
  • Siri is the person name of the personal voice Assitant loaded on the Apple IOS.

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