What is an Earthquake and its Phenomenon, Effects and Factors

What is an earthquake? Any sudden movement of the earth’s surface is called an earthquake.

What is the Phenomenon:

  • An earthquake takes place mostly when two parts of the earth’s surface move suddenly relation to each other along a fault.
  • At that moment a large amount of energy is released in the form of vibrations and tremors.
  • the focus is the point where an earthquake originates.
  • An epicenter is a point on the earth’s surface above the focus.
  • the major severity occurs in the area of an epicenter only, when coming to destruction mostly found in and around the Epicentre itself.

Effects of the earthquake:

  • We Face problems like fire breaks out.
  • A large number of wells dry up.
  • Severe damage and sometimes buildings collapse.
  • A large number of trees gets uprooted.
  • Many power and transport lines are cut-off, this causes much damage to society.
  • Number of Rivers may change their courses if their channels are blocked by hill-slides.
  • Very Great damage to life and properties.
  • Many Mines and Pipelines became inoperative.
  • many fissures appear on the ground.

Factors that cause earthquakes:

  • Because of Volcanic Eruptions.
  • Also, cause of Hill slides and Avalanches
    (a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside)
  • According to the recent study by scientist and Investigation Department, Over Exploitation of the groundwater resources cause an earthquake.
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