Earthquake types and types of Waves, its characteristics, incidences

 Different Types of Earthquake

  • On the Basis of the depth of their Foci, there are three earthquake types, they are Deep-focus earthquakes, Intermediate focus earthquakes, and Shallow-focus earthquakes.
  • Deep-focus earthquakes: This type of earthquakes occur at depths exceeding 300kms.
  • Intermediate focus earthquakes: They occur with the depths of the focus ranging between 55Kms and 300Kms.
  • Shallow-Focus earthquakes: It occurs with the depth of focus, less than 55Kms.

Earthquake types of waves and Characteristics:

Earthquake waves

  • When Earthquake occurring time, there will be many vibrations spreads outwards in all direction from the focus point, it is known as Earthquake Waves.
  • These waves are classified into three types they are Primary waves, Secondary waves, and Long waves.

this waves commonly abbreviated as

P-waves: Primary waves

S-waves: Secondary Waves

L-waves: Long Waves

Characteristics of Earthquake waves:

  • The primary waves faster than secondary waves, like primary waves travels 1.7 times faster than secondary waves.
  • The Main cause of primary waves, it makes vibration of a rock particle to the backward and forward direction in the wave direction.
  • The P-waves are the first waves, gets recorded in the earthquake station, since its fastest waves among the other earthquake waves.
  • The Secondary waves cause the particles to oscillate at 90 degrees to the wave direction.
  • The primary and secondary waves converted into long Waves.
  • The Long waves either travel along surface horizontally at 90 degrees or travel sea waves.
  • Long waves are the very danger, great loss of destruction occurs due to long waves and it produces shocking violent waves.
  • The Primary waves can pass through any media.
  • The secondary waves cannot traverse the liquid.

The Incidence of Earthquakes in India:

  • Koyana earthquakes and the Latur earthquake in Maharashtra, 1967 and 1993 respectively.
  • Uttar Kashi earthquakes occurred in Uttar Pradesh in 1992.
  • The Bhuj earthquake occurred in Gujarat in 2001.
  • The earthquake occurred in Jammu and Kashmir in 2005.
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