Ethnographic Film-making: History, Techniques, and Ethics

Ethnographic film-making has been an essential element of visual anthropology. It helps in providing a record and a substance of more authenticity to the various field works conducted by the anthropologists. Robert Flaherty, one of the pioneers of the concept, has stated that the ethnographic element in a film can be achieved in multiple ways; … Read more

Sociological Imagination by Charles Wright Mills: Explained

The article presents a holistic picture on the concept of ‘The Sociological Imagination’. It discusses in length how sociological imagination reasons out the relation between the ‘personal trouble ‘ and the ‘public issues’. Questions such as do we face the consequences of our choices only because of our actions or something much larger a social … Read more

The Influence of Religion – AS and A Level Sociology Notes

Religion has always been centered around a huge debate. Questions pertaining whether it has undergone a notional change or has involved materialistic aspects in its selfless realm; whether religion favours one particular segment of society or is constructed for the well-being of all; such inquisitiveness has tried to be resolved in the present article. Besides … Read more

Religion and Social Order – AS and A Level Sociology Notes

The present article discusses about the role and importance of religion in the functioning of the society. The inter-mingling role of religion in other domains like social, economic, political etc. have been analyzed and its impact has been extensively elaborated upon. Different set of theories like structural and interactionist have been meticulously connected with the … Read more

Family Roles and Changing Relationships – AS&A Level Notes

This article delves into the inner complex of family as a unit of analysis. It will deeply analyze the power dynamics that operates within the household and how the external and the internal factors influence the hierarchal structure of this naturalized relationship. Besides these, it also caters to the concept as to how inequality is … Read more

Education and Inequality: AS & A Level Sociology Notes

Synopsis– In this article, the complex interplay of education and inequality has been tried to simplify. Education is a social construct which helps the society to upholds its functional value and maintains social stability within. However, social stability doesn’t imply that their exists no inequality in the society. The concept of inequality is inherent is … Read more