Why Do Animals Have Better Night Vision Than Humans

During Night Most animals seem to have much better night vision than humans.

When we see only darkness, there is enough light for them to see clearly.

How are these animals able to see in the dark?animals night vision is more than humans

The Most notable feature of nocturnal animals is their eye size.Large eyes, with a wider pupil, Larger lens, and increased retinal surface can collect more ambient light.

For Example,an Own’s eyes fill over one half its Skull.

Vertebrates have two types of Photosensitive cells,Rods, and Cones, Called so because of their Shape.

The Rods, which are Long and fat,Contain large amounts of visual pigment rhodopsin which is particularly sensitive to low levels of light.The Cone cells, which are relatively small, Mediate daylight vision and colour sensation.The retina of nocturnal animals totally composed of rods.

Cone cells are almost absent ,Leaving nocturnal animals with virtually no colour vision.However, Despite being more sensitive to light,The low number of cones means less visual accuracy.

In addition, a large number of animals have a thick reflective membrane called the “tapetum lucidum“it means bright carpet.It is a layer of tissue in the eye of many vertebrate animals, Suitationwhich lies behind the retina.It reflects visible light back through the retina, thereby increasing the light available to the photoreceptors.This improves vision in Low Light Situation.The animals’ eyes appear to glow due to light reflected by the tapetum lucidum.

Although nocturnal animals see mostly fuzzy and unforced images,it is enough for them to hunt ,feed and survive in the dark of night.

In The Daylight 

Most nocturnal animals are largely inactive during the day to avoid over-stimulating their highly sensitive eyes.Nocturnal animals have specialized pupils to shut out damaging bright light. A Variety of pupil shapes have evolved that limit incoming light.

Shining Eyes

Eyes of Many animals appear to glow or shine in the dark, Especially when a light is shone into their eyes.This is due to tapetum lucidum.Light entering the eyes is reflected back by the tapetum lucidum and the pupil appears to glow.A large number of animals have the tapetum lucidum,including deer, dogs, cats,cattle,horses and ferrets.Humans don’t have it.

Eyeshine occur in a wide variety of colors including white,blue,green,yellow,pink and red.

Whit eyeshine occurs in many fish.Blue eyeshine occurs in many mammals such as horses.

Yellow eyeshine occurs in mammals such as cats and dogs.Red eyeshine occurs in rodents and birds.

Cats also have eyes that glow bright green.

So we can say animals have better night vision than humans

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