Top Three Maths tricks for fast calculation and impress others

Top Three Maths tricks

Multiplications Tricks :
1.first trick
If you are multiplying a number with single 9 keep one 0 and if its two 9’s then two zero’s ,or three 9;s three zeros  ,follow the below steps just follow Top Three Maths trickssuper fast calculation by Top Three Maths tricks

257*9= ?
make 257 as 2570 [just put one zero at End

Now Subtract 257 from 2570


257*9 =2313

2.Division By Factors [second trick]

634 divided by 36= ?

36 can also be written as 4*9 ,or 6*6 .The Technique here is first divide 634 with 9 [ or you can also divide with 4 first] and  thta answer again divide with 4
,lets see below

634 divided by 9 =70.4 and 70.4 divided by 4=17.6

therefore 634 divided by 36 =17.6

3.Third Trick

Percentages -Smart Cuts
10% of 840 =84.0[1/10 of 840]
or in short put a point before the last number to your right
5% of 840 =half of 10% i.e half of 84 =42
15% of 840=10% +5%
20% of 840 =2 *10%=2*84=168

this smart method of percentage calculational math tech .want to go further deep .

take a look at this .
Consider the number 4820

and so on
Using the above ,we can easily calculat 10%,110%,115%,99%,117% 95% and many more such percentages.

top three tricks in maths and human calculator
human calculations

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