how to pass exams without studying

I have a test tomorrow and I don’t know anything  and pass exams without studying

This Article, Helps to those students, who are trying to read before the exam,pass exams without studying

First Understand the blueprint of the subject,so that you can eliminate the extra and unwanted questions, concepts, and chapters.
Try to Understand the basic meaning of expected chapters concepts. So that you can write something on your own, Here own in the sense you can write the answer with your assumptions with interlinking what you have known.

without knowledge how to pass exams in one night
Dont know what to read

Prepare Some Notes and Have a clear idea on what you are going to write in exam like lenght of  answers, points, underlines ..etc

This Beautiful Trick Helps, You Score more marks than Your Topper Friend, and Prepared Notes Helps you to summarize the answers within short time in the exam.

writing something you knew in a summary form with interlinking it is secret to pass an academic exam.

Don’t Read much, just read notes in an over look manner for many times, it helps to again summarize all chapters on the exam subject.

on tip-3 I mentioned that prepare notes on chapter, it means if one subject exam blueprint consists of three chapters you have to prepare three chapters notes, in an overlooked type of reading makes you summarize three chapters in your mind, fastly and it won’t feels you stress even.

Don’t Read before One Hour of exam just Keep quiet and Reading at Early Moring 5’o clock is the very good technique for all students.


Take with You,chew gum and have it while writing exam it helps you to think and You dont feel stress


Underlining the main keywords in the answer sheet is the greatest trick to pass.

Here the secret is examiner thinks that you are not doing spam on paper or him, he thinks that you have some grip in subject, so he can overlook your paper

At last, you definitely pass in the exam,pass exams without studying

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