How to eradicate slums and how to develop slum area people

Situation of slums in the society

When looking at the world Poverty is one of the biggest matter the one we are fighting with. As per the reports, more than 3 billion people are living below the poverty line in the world. Due to this poverty, people are forced to live in small houses or in slum areas.

slums eradication

Due to the rapid increase in the poverty slums are also increasing at the same pace. Today slums are one of the biggest challenges in the world as they are growing fast. It is very much important to eradicate slums and to reestablish people from there.

The basic reason for the slum is the migration of the people from the villages. Most of the people in the search of job moved from villages to the near cities therefore after getting small jobs in the cities they get to settle down over there but due to the poor situation, they start developing small and temporary houses which results in slums.

People live in this slum surviving in the worst conditions because these slums are unplanned, are unhygienic and no facilities like sanitation and medical support which causes an increase in the rate of an unhealthy society. There should be some serious step must be taken against to eradicate these slums. So slum can be eradicated if the migration of the people from the villages to the near cities can be stopped and this can only be done if each village can be made sustainable in itself with the infrastructure including hospitals, schools and large opportunities for employment.

People living over there in slums those who get their jobs in the cities should be the move to the permanent houses as it would not take enough money to do so. Some multi-stories building should be built up and all these people should be given small apartments over there to live in. But building up these small apartments will not solve it all because in building up these apartments space will be required which will cause the demand for more land and the increase in the demand of land will definitely result in the cutting of trees and deforestation which is not acceptable at all.

To manage the balance between this the living conditions of the people living over there should be improved. Slum lack in most of the areas like medical facilities as there is no medical help given in the slum and most of the people die suffering from various diseases, lack of sanitation which forced people to do it in the open which causes further diseases.

There is no proper drainage system due to which most of the slum get congested by the wastewater and this dirty water flow in between houses. In order to fight these problems Government should provide slums with all these basics requirements like medical assistant, Proper sanitation, and proper Drainage system so as the living conditions in these slums areas can be made better for the people living over there.

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