Child labour Essay,types of child labour,Girl child labour and reasons

why Girls are more in child labouring

who is child labour in India?

According to Indian Constitution , Child labour  may be defined as a person who is below the age of 14 years and working for earnings,these children wont go to school because of certain social issues like unemployment in family,low income jobs,Alcohol Driking, this list includes all problems.International labor organization looks afters the All concerned Issues of Child Labour and also labor problems.

essay on child labour essay

Types  of child labour

1.Domestic Non-Monetary Work

In India this type of work done by girls at home ,like cooking,washing clothes, take care their  younger siblings, and all ,here they dont get any payment ,simply they maintain the house,for time intensive.

2.Non-Domestic and Non-Monetary Work

proctecting crops,tending of livestock are the two examples for Non-Domestic and Non-Monetary Work,In this type Work  child wont get any payment and it also for time intensive .

3.Wage Labour

Newspaper Vendors ,hawkers, Working in hotels are the few examples ,children works as a labourers both in organised and unorganised sectors for earnings,here they dont get full payemnt though work done as sama as adults.

4.Bonded Labour

Here Child Should work for certain period under the money lender,beacause there is an agrrement between parents and Money lender ,againt a debt,this thing mainly happens in rural areas,its happening even today because of problems like crop failures,unempoyment, Girl Dowry issues and all.

social and economic consequences of abolishing child workers


as at present days, child labour  occurs voluntarily by a child. due to problems like not having proper guidance,drinking habit ,No proper caring by parents .At present there are many NGO’s and Social Activist People coming forward to care on children,mainly girls are working coming under child labours,

Why girls have 8.4%  in child labors and boys are 3% only?


why Girls are more in child labour
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