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What is Digital Marketing
On Google, you can find definitions of digital marketing, for instance, an umbrella term for all your online marketing efforts.
According to CLICK PERFECT a digital marketing institute located in south delhi near my college.
” Digital marketing is the art and scinece of marketing anything and earning money online even while sleeping.”
recently i completed my blogging and google adsense training from this institute and started this blog to earn extra bucks from home.
I am in venketeswara college and live in hostel here was searching for blogging resources to learn how to start blog but did not get any article.
actually internet is full of information but when you search things to solve problem most of the result will confuse you…
and i was also confused then i searched for digital marketing institute in delhi and found some institute nearby me in satya niketan itself. 3 institue i found 1. Click Perfect, HiAim and Didm visited all these 3 institute one by one to get free demo class they provides.
it was almost same everywhere…. same module around 20, in hiaim it was around 17 in Click Perfect it was 18+ Module all were promosing for JOb and Online earning blah blah blah….
But after discussion with my college friends i shared my experiance of demo and all they suggested me to check trainer profile.. and this thing CLICKED MY MIND… I then started realizing that Institute is not going to train me Trainer will.
then i started searching about their trainer and previous student reviews on google and got to know that CLikc perfect is best for me. bcaouse i searched and found about their trainer and his profile.. this guy was amazing…
His presence is on Google and Everywhere on the web… increased my confidence to join CLick Perfect. i joined and learned got my adsense approved within week it surprised me a lot.. bcoz i have heared a lot that you need this and you need that blah blah to get adsense approval.. but said that this is all a myth and tought me a simple 4 step to get adsense approved in 4 days.
It was amazing experiance of learning blogging and adsesne you can see my blog it looks like a professional blog isn”t it?? yes.. whenever i want to ask something i ask their trainer on hangout and on whatsapp… he is very friendly and helpful.
Let me Explain Click Perfect Course Curriculam:
1.Digital marketing Overview: In this session, Shamsher Khan sir teaches us everything about Digital marketing in an overview manner, so that you can get an idea .
2.Social media marketing: Here you can learn, how to optimize our business on social media platform like LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and Instagram etc…
3.Email Marketing : You can sell your business products through emails, and Shamersherkhan also teaches  how to send mails directly to indox only. He also teach us, how to  stop our business mails from going into spam box, and all.
4.Affiliate Marketing : In this type of marketing we wil get commission by selling certain products on like amazon, snapdeal, shopcules and other e-Commerce websites. He also tought us here how to sell affiliate products and everything in a practical way… The way he teaches is very well and 0straight forward .
5.Website Planning & Creation : This is the very important part in Digital marketing, every business needs website and every business firm are looking for web desingers. So this is great privilege for us to learn this course.
6.Mobile marketing : Mobile marketing is a large platform in digital marketing, Here you can learn how to reach our target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.
7.Ecommerce marketing : In this topics ,we can learn how to increase our products sell through online branding about our prouducts and its offers.
8.Adsense and blogging : Getting an adsense account is not an easy thing ,for our blogger adsense account is important for revenue generating purpose and Branding .
9.Search Engine Optimization: Without doing seo, our websire creation and all are useless, SEO in the sense getting top on search results of any search engine like Google.
10. Google AnalyticsHere shamsherkhan sir teaches us how to understand your website analytics ,To be simple ,Here you are learning what are your customers ,If you understand your website visitor ,you can set your goals according to it,Suppose if you have business in india, but you are getting visitors from pakistan ,then you have to understand that investing in india is not good for you or you should invest on Pakistan ,and all ….Each thing is explained in our advance way ,,no theory only practical learning happens in click perfect.
11.Online Reputation Management : For instance on google reviews your company got bad reviews , if someone searches about company and see these reviews ,automatically your earnings come down, For this topic our  shamsherkhan expert is On ORM.
12.Google Adwords and Advertiements: For every business intial stage reputation is low, we have to increase our brand through google advertisements by google adwords ,There are Many uses to use this google ad words.Suppose your investing for advisement like Rs 500 for product like mobile coast like 5000 ,You will get  here Rs 4500 ,remember there is 100% conversion.
13.Freelancing projects : So you got some knowledge on Digital marketing know so use this knowledge for helping others ,its a freelancing ,you will get money also,but getting freelancing projects is not an easy thing for newbies ,our shamsherkhan sir gives for us some initial projects so that you can get some reviews and experience on freelancing so that you can continue as freelancer.
14.CERTIFICATES : You will get six certificates from google like
  • video advertising {useful for youtube video marketing }
  • display advertising
  • shopping advertising
  • adwords fundamental
  • search advertising
  • Mobile advertising.
 So friends i hope that i  have explained everthing very clearly.
Conclusion : In south delhi, Click Perfect is the best institute, still if you have any confusion then visit click perfect and attend demo class and then decide.

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